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OS-1 Gokujo Sandan-Ju Osechi (2020)

Price: $175.00
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š OS-1 ‚̃Iƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“”Ì”„‚͏I—¹‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B “X•Ü‚É‚æ‚Á‚Ă͎኱‚̍݌ɂª‚²‚´‚¢‚Ü‚·‚̂ŁAÅŠñ‚è‚Ì“X•Ü‚É‚¨u‚ˉº‚³‚¢B

š Regretfully, OS-1 online order has reached to the limit and ended. Some stores may have some stock, so please ask your local store for the detail.

* ½‚ɐ\‚µ–󂲂´‚¢‚Ü‚¹‚ñ‚ªA–kƒJƒŠƒtƒHƒ‹ƒjƒA4“X•Ü(ƒ}ƒEƒ“ƒeƒ“ƒrƒ…[AƒTƒ“ƒtƒ‰ƒ“ƒVƒXƒRAƒTƒ“ƒ}ƒeƒI AƒTƒ“ƒzƒ[)AƒnƒƒC2“X•Üiƒ†ƒjƒo[ƒVƒeƒBAƒAƒ‰ƒ‚ƒAƒij‚ł̃Iƒ“ƒ‰ƒCƒ“Žó•t‚͏I—¹‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚·B‘å•Ï\‚µ–󂲂´‚¢‚Ü‚¹‚ñB

* Regretfully, online orders for Northern California stores (Mountain View, San Francisco, San Mateo, San Jose) and Hawaii stores (University & Ala Moana) have reached to the limit and have ended. We apologize for the inconvenience.

‚Ü‚½A‚¨‚¹‚¿‚͉𓀂µ‚Ä‚¨¢‚µã‚ª‚è‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B ‰ð“€Œã‚Í‚¨‘‚ß‚É‚¨¢‚µã‚ª‚è‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B

Osechi Order is available for in-store pick up only. Pickup date is Dec 30th, 31st.
It is very difficult to ship the item, so we are not able to deliver Osechi to your home.
Defrost before consuming. Consume immediately after defrost.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.





¦ŽQ‚̏d‚̓jƒWƒ„‚ōì‚Á‚½‚¨‚¹‚¿‚̐”X‚ðA—â“€ & —â‘ ƒpƒbƒN‚Å‚²—pˆÓ‚¢‚½‚µ‚Ü‚·B‚²‰Æ’ë‚ł̐·‚è‚‚¯‚ð‚¨Šy‚µ‚Ý‚­‚¾‚³‚¢B


OSECHI meal is traditional Japanese New Year dish.

wBOX 1xEEE
Sweetened Dried Anchovies, Grilled Conger Eel With Simmered Burdock, Sweetened Young Peach,Sweet Potato Paste with Sweetened Chestnuts, Japanese Sweet Rolled Omelette, Seasoned Salmon Roe, Steamed Fish Cake, Cooked Sweetened Black Soybeans, Seasoned Dried Squid with Kelp, Seasoned Herring Roe, Sweet Pickled Daikon Radish & Carrot with Yuzu, Seasoned Gizzard Shad Fillets

wBOX 2xEEE
Grilled Teriyaki Japanese Yellowtail, Simmered Cod, Cooked Soybean Curd, Plum Flavored Mochi Rice Cake (White), Seasoned Freeze Dried Tofu, Simmered Octopus Legs, Grilled Squid, Simmered Clam, Sliced Seasoned Salmon, Grilled Rock Cod with Saikyo Miso, Plum Flavored Mochi Rice Cake (Red), Simmered Japanese Butterbur, Grilled Scallop, Fried Sweet Potato with Sesame Seeds, Baked Fish Cake with Spinach

Simmered Vegetables(Shiitake Mushroom, Yam Cake, Carrot, Burdock Roots, Bamboo Shoots, Lotus Roots), Sweetened Chestnuts, Grilled Teriyaki Free Range Chicken, Simmered Head on Shrimp, Duck Breast, Simmered Sockete Salmon Rolled Konbu

¦Box3(San no ju) Osechi dishes are handmade and prepared by Nijiya. The dishes are individually packed frozen or refrigerated. Enjoy filling your own unique Osechi Box at home.

(Limited quantity, so please hurry!)
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